Does DIY Bed Bug Control Work?

Does DIY Bed Bug Control Work? Can you get rid of bed bugs without having to call an exterminator? You hear so many different answers for this questions. 

Bed bugs can be very tough to get rid of. They hide well in many different areas of the home and therefore can reproduce quickly. Also the eggs can be very resistant to many forms of treatment.

Depending on how where the manifestation is and how bad it is can make DIY elimination a very hard task. You need to first get rid of all the clutter in your home so your are able to identify how bad the manifestation is. If you are in close proximity to to another home or are in an apartment building, you have to be careful of a couple things. Are the bed bugs coming from one of the other locations? Will you be able to eliminate the bed bugs without them spreading somewhere else? If you are able to get rid of the bugs, you have to make sure they do not come back from another apartment or home or you will be starting all over.

In our opinion, customers who have tried ideas from Google search, Youtube or store bought chemicals wound up eventually calling an exterminator. Although it can be expensive the positive side is that the bed bugs are completely eliminated. You have to make the decision if you want to take a lot of time to try different remedies while these critters are in your home or pay for a professional to eliminate them quickly.

If you need a professional exterminator or infested furniture removed, please call our office at 484-540-7330.

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