Time to Get Rid of Clutter…One Room at a Time!

Time to Get Rid of Clutter…One Room at a Time!

That’s right, now that it is the New Year, no more procrastinating to get rid of clutter in your home. It really isn’t that hard if you follow these easy steps that you can do in each room.

Grab 2-3 boxes and a trash can to help make this process easy. Mark one box “Keep”, another “Donate”  and the third “Sell”. The trash can of course will be used for trash!

You will now use these boxes to the declutter room. One at a time take an item and ask yourself, “Do I want to put this keep this, donate it, sell it or throw it away?” make sure you place it in one of the boxes before moving on to the next item.

When you have finished doing this to a room, give yourself time to put the items into the  more appropriate places. The donated & sellable items should be stored somewhere out of the way or in the car for quick drop-off. Keep an inventory of the contents of the boxes you are storing and put them away. Finally, empty the trash as soon as possible so that you don’t change your mind on keeping any of the contents you got rid of. Once you are done a room, head over to another and do the same thing.

This method will work for anyone and in any clutter situation. Try it out and see how it works for you. Happy New Year!



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